Advanced Nutrients Overdrive 4L


Advanced Nutrients Overdrive is a top-quality booster, which helps your plants achieve optimum flowering rates. Overdrive comprises a unique blend of natural ingredients, which sustain strong blooming. It’s a special formula, which delivers additional Potassium and Phosphorus to your plants to promote increased flowering. It’s made for use during the late flowering stage to help plants achieve their full development potential. Growers use the product with the range of Advanced Nutrients boosters and additives.



General Information

  • The product is made for hydroponic and run-to waste hydroponic systems;
  • Growers use Overdrive during the flowering stage;
  • The additive comprises natural and organic ingredients, vitamins, and minerals, which strengthen your plants and promote strong flower development. The NPK ratio stands at 1-5-4.


  • The formula is easy-to-use;
  • Plants can rapidly absorb the product;
  • Made to the highest standards;
  • Increases the production of essential oils and strengthens plants’ natural aromas;
  • Provides higher quality and tastier crops;
  • Growers use Overdrive with the range of Advance Nutrients boosters and additives.

The Science

Growers use Advanced Nutrients Overdrive towards the last period of the blooming phase. After Big Bud has finished helping with the growth of buds and flowers, Overdrive improves their development, ensuring increased weight and quality. Advanced Nutrients created Overdrive to reinvigorate flower production and improve resins, terpenoids, scents, and aromas. The product ensures that your harvest achieves a weight and quality beyond any expectations. The formula is compatible with Sensi Grow and Bloom/Connoisseur.

How to Use

Use Advanced Nutrients’ Overdrive during the last 3 weeks of the blooming phase, before the flush. Add the formula to the water in a dosage of 2 ml/L.

Best Practices

Advanced Nutrients Overdrive is an easy-to-use additive, which you can easily mix into your water reservoir and stir thoroughly. First, mix in the nutrients and chase them with the boosters and additives. Adjust the pH levels as necessary. Store the product in a dark and cool area. Keep it away from very high or very low temperatures. Avoid inhaling or swallowing the formula. Avoid skin contact and keep it away from your eyes. In case of contact with your skin or your eyes, rinse immediately. Store the formula out of children’s reach. When you’re handling the product, make sure that you use protective gloves.

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