Advanced Nutrients Sensi Bloom A+B 1L Set


Advanced Nutrients Sensi Bloom A+B is a complete 2-part nutrient designed to optimize your plants’ flowering capacity. The formulas contain high-performance ingredients, which strengthen your plants’ blooming and fruiting rates. Advanced Nutrients created Sensi Bloom A+B to provide your plants with a boost of energy during the blooming phase. The products are highly soluble and plants can easily absorb the nutrients. Growers worldwide use Sensi Bloom A+B during the flowering and fruiting phases to ensure increased harvest yields and tastier fruits



General Information

  • Sensi Bloom A+B is suitable for any hydroponic growing substrate or system;
  • Sensi Bloom A+B is a 2-part base nutrient;
  • The product comprises natural and organic ingredients such as macro and micronutrients, fulvates, amino acids, humates, and a wetting agent;
  • Advanced Nutrients designed the formula for the flowering and fruiting stages.


  • The formula is made at the highest standards;
  • The product provides your plants with increased levels of energy throughout the entire blooming/fruiting phase;
  • Sensi Bloom A+B incorporates Advanced Nutrients’ pH perfect technology;
  • Ensures that all nutrients are delivered in a solubilized form;
  • Encourages strong flower development and tastier fruits;
  • The product is suitable for use with the range of Advanced Nutrient boosters and supplements.

The Science

The product is a 2-part base nutrient made for any type of hydroponic system. It’s a complete nutrient, which offers the necessary feed to your plants for explosive blooming during the flowering stage. The formula contains a wetting agent to help plants absorb the nutrients easier through the root system. The humic and fulvic acids also allow for easier nutrient absorption and transport within the plants. The wide range of amino acids in Sensi bloom are the building blocks for proteins, which improve growth and accelerate your plants’ metabolism. The pH perfect technology automatically adjusts your solution’s pH levels.

How to Use

Growers use Sensi Bloom A+B during the blooming stage to ensure powerful flowering and tasty fruits. Use part A and part B in equal quantities of 4 ml/L.

Best Practices

Advanced Nutrients Sensi Bloom A+B is a 2-part nutrient made for the blooming phase. Use both parts in equal amounts. First, add part A into your water reservoir and stir well. Add part B and mix. Store the products in a safe place. Keep them away from extreme temperatures and out of children’s reach. Use protective gloves when you’re handling the products. Avoid contact with your eyes and skin.

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