Autopot XL Cloth Pot 18.9L


Root Pouches are very cost-effective way to gain all the benefits of air pruning. Instead of roots circling around the edge of a pot, the roots stop growing when they hit the side of the breathable cloth pot. This encourages new roots to be sent out which fill all the soil between the plant and the fabric pot. This creates a much larger root system – and a bigger root-system means bigger yields!


How Root Pouches Work

As roots reach the side of the cloth pot, they get air pruned – at which point another root grows from the centre of the root mass. This creates a dense, radial root mass that eliminates issues with circling, making better use of the space in each container. They further accelerate root growth by creating a highly oxgenated environment – and as we all know, roots love oxygen. This has the added bonus of making Root Pouches much harder to over-water than typical solid-edged containers.

How to Use Root Pouches

Simply fill the Root Pouch with your favourite soil or soilless mix and place it where it is going to be used. Transfer your plant into it and (very importantly) water slowly and thoroughly.

Remember that Root Pouches are not rigid, so once a plant is growing in one, be extra gentle and careful when moving it around to avoid disturbing or damaging the root-mass. Ideally, once a plant is in a Root Pouch, leave it where it is as much as possible.

It should be noted that fabric containers will dry out quicker than traditional solid containers, so they may need watering more often than usual, especially if temperatures are particularly high.

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