Autopot XL Root Control Disc Copper Coated


Keep Roots Away From Your Aquavalve and Pipework

  • Prevent roots from leaving the pot
  • Ensure roots don’t cause blockages
  • Made by globally recognised AutoPot
  • Metallic gold coating
  • Part of gravity fed self watering system
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Creates more fibrous root structure



These root control discs have been specifically designed to prevent roots leaving the pot and heading towards the Aquavalve.  These discs are black & gold in colour and are placed in the tray underneath the pot, gold face up. When a root tip comes into contact with the coated side of the root control square the apical dominance is prevented. This means that the root tip stops growing down and branches off resulting in more fibrous roots system growing within the root structure.
The Root Control disc is designed to fit the 1Pot system, the easy2grow Kit & the 2Pot extension trays to extend the easy2grow Kit. Please note that roots even though they are tender have the ability to go through concrete, therefore it is wise to occasionally lift the pot to see if any have managed to escape the barrier. If so you can simply cut away the roots with a pair of scissors. This will in no way harm the plant. Although it will last several seasons it is advisable to replace the discs at the beginning of each season, this will prevent any disease from being transferred if present.

User Guide:

Place in the tray underneath the pot, gold face up.

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