Barbed Elbow 20mm


  • Direct water flow around corners completely hassle-free
  • 90-degree design that will help prevent pipes from bending or kinking
  • Features a barbed, push-fit system for a secure, watertight seal
  • No loss of flow


Ideal for use with low-pressure irrigation systems, the Barbed Elbow fitting will direct water flow around corners so gardeners can water and feed several plants at the same time, Suits a variety of off-the-shelf solutions as well as DIY systems, including hanging baskets.

Made from HDPE, the fittings are robust and reliable. Featuring UV-stabilised materials to protect it from deterioration caused by exposure from the sun or intense grow lights. The barbed elbow fitting will prevent bending or kinking in the pipe.

It also features sharp-edged barbs so that the risk of leakage in the connection is greatly reduced.

Elbow fittings have a 90-degree design that will help prevent pipes from bending or kinking. The elbow features a push-fit system for a secure, watertight seal. It’s easy to install by simply pushing the pipe into the fitting, so gardeners can ensure water reaches exactly where it needs to be, including Hedges, Single Pots, Planters, Vegetable Patches and Flower Beds.

Can be used with a number of systems including: NFT, RDWC, Dripper, Bottom Fed and Flood and Drain.

How to use:

We recommend warming the ends of the pipe in warm (not hot) water to temporarily increase the pliability of the pipe, once you’ve got it on it will cool down and tighten for a leak-free fitting.

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