Carbon Filter Can 200mm 1000m3hr


10″  – 500mm Long   – Can Filters the best brand on the marketplace



Can Filters are the most reliable brand on the marketplace today -Rhino have had some shocking quality issues in the past , play safe and stick with ‘Can’

Your Can-Lite filter will last about 12 months but it’s lifespan can decrease if your air becomes too humid.

Can Filters are built to go with our Can Max fans other fans such as RVK’s will work perfectly – as long as the m3/h rated by the manufacturer of the fan does not exceed the rated m3/h of the carbon filter the air will pass through enough carbon to be cleaned.


Filter Model Duct Diameter Length Max m3 / h
150mm x 475 Can Lite 6″ / 125mm 475mm  600
200mm x 333 Can Lite 6″ / 150mm 333mm  800
200mm x 750 Can Lite 8″ / 200mm 750mm  1500
250mm x 750  Can Lite 10″ / 250mm 750mm  1500
250mm x 500  Can Lite 10″/ 250mm 500mm  1000
315mm x 1000 Can Lite 12″ / 315mm 1000mm  3000
315mm x 1200 Can Lite 12″ / 315mm 1200mm  3500
250mm x 1000 Can Lite 10″ /250mm 1000mm  2500
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