Dripper Arrow Stake


  • Automate the feeding of plants
  • Allows placement of drippers exactly where necessary
  • Allows maximum flexibility in greenhouse and nurseries


Arrow drippers are used to automate the feeding of plants if you are growing them in pots or to supplement feeding if you are using one of the various hydroponic systems. To use arrow drippers you will need to create a dripper system using a water pump, supply tube, dripper line and either dripper inserts or a dripper manifold. Arrow drippers do not need enormous amount of pressure, as they do not release very much water and are not designed for high-volume output. So even a relatively modest water pump can run several drippers. The only issue you may encounter is that they will need to be on for quite a few minutes at a time in order to release sufficient water. Due to their restricted output, Arrow Dippers have a tendency to become blocked over time. Therefore, try to check your drippers are working properly on a regular basis, or incorporate an Inline Filter to banish blockages.
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