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Combi Flexible Ducting has an aluminium and polyester inner shell, which is supported by a highly durable steel wire helix and given protection through an outer layer of PVC. This combination of parts provides a super strong yet remarkably flexible ventilation product, guaranteed to remain completely airtight and resistant against all grow room temperatures and pressures. For maximum effectiveness and to stop dust collecting in the ducting, always make sure your Combi Flexible Ducting is fully extended. It doesn’t take much time or effort to install, weighs little and conveniently comes compacted and boxed up. Recommended!

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  • Cost effective extraction solution
  • Tough and durable
  • Dual layer further reduces noise from air movement
  • Sealed plastic outer layer prevents any micro air leaks
  • Suitable for all duct runs

An essential part of any self-respecting hydroponic grow room, Combi ducting is the ultimate solution for a cheap, yet tough and durable method of ventilating air through either an extraction or intake system.

Similar in ease of use to the single sheathed aluminium ducting, however one key selling point of the combi ducting is that of its plastic outer layer. This extra layer ensures that it remains almost impossible to tear or perforate when installing it. This avoids any issues that may arise with either light leakages through the ventilation, or any unfiltered grow-room air making its way to the outside world.


Try to cut the ducting to just the right length, to avoid any unwanted sagging and consequently drop in air flow rates. Simply pierce the aluminium sheath with a sharp knife where needed and use wire cutters/pliers to cut through the wire skeleton.

Check the connection is air tight by running a lit splint around the connections. Any smoke will be drawn into areas not correctly sealed, indicating further attention is needed to secure this area.

Use in combination with elbow’s and Y pieces to ensure minimal drop in air flow around corners.

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100mm | 125mm | 150mm | 200mm | 250mm | 315mm

100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 315mm

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