Dynamec Commercial Spider Mite Spray Concentrate 25ml




Dynamec contains abamectin, a contact and translaminar insecticide & acaricide for control of two-spotted spider mite, leafminer and thrips. Abamectin, the active ingredient of Dynamec, has a broad spectrum of activity against spider mites and tarsonemids, thrips and leafminers as well as some species of aphids, caterpillars and beetle larvae. It works by blocking the pests’ nerve signals – they quickly become paralysed so can do no more damage and are killed within three to four days.

It is also soft on beneficial insects and mites and biological controls can be reintroduced relatively quickly after an application.

This is a commercial product and has such , has a high ‘ duty of care required ‘

Customers need to take precautions before using , and read the instructions thoroughly

The dosage rate is 0.25ml / Litre

This is a 25ml bottle

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