Grodan Hugo 6” Cube x 1


Rockwool Cubes

Once your cuttings have rooted through their rooting-cube, it’s time to put them into a larger rockwool cube before transplanting them into your hydroponic system.

  • Rockwool – a traditional and trusted growing medium
  • Ideal for growing in before final transplantation
  • Small hole will take any 1/2- Inch rooting-cube, such as our 1/2-inch rockwool cubes
  • Economical and easy to use


How Rockwool Cubes Works

Rockwool holds lots of water and air for fast rooting and growth. Our Rockwool cubes are perfect for growing your rooted cuttings in before transplanting into your hydroponics system. The Rockwool is finely spun and of high quality and the hole in the top will take either a 1/2-inch or 1-inch rooting-cube (depending on your selection).

How to Use Rockwool Cube

For best results, soak the large-hole rockwool cubes in weak nutrient solution which has been pH adjusted to about 5.5 and leave overnight. Before use, shake out excess nutrient solution. Rooted cuttings can then be placed directly into the pre-soaked rockwool cube. The cuttings can then be grown into slightly larger plants until they are rooted through. When roots appear on the outside of the large-hole rockwool cubes, they can then be transplanted into your hydroponics system.

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