Isomax Acoustic 200MM 8″ 3 Speed Silenced Fan


With 3 Speed Fan Controller

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Isomax Acoustic 3-Speed Silenced Fan

Isomax duct fans run extremely quietly. This  version also feature a 3-speed controller, allowing you to vary airflow without the purchase of a separate unit.

  • Isomax (Air Force 2) duct fans – prestige products at the pinnacle of the market
  • Sublime build-quality – the Rolls Royce of duct fans
  • Integrated silencing technology delivers extremely low noise-levels
  • High-torque motor generates immense air-pressure
  • Energy-saving – efficient Swiss-engineered motor
  • Reliable and hassle-free – maintenance is rarely an issue
  • Two built-in hanging attachments for easy positioning
  • 8-Inch
    Airflow: 570/770/870m3/hr
    Noise level: 55db
    Current: 0.36/0.4/0.6 amps
    Power consumption: up to 128 watts
    Full diameter: 260mm
    Length: 680mm
    Weight: 7.7kg
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