Mars TS3000 LED Light


Finally , an affordable LED light than can replace your standard 600w Light

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The Trade Hydro Simplified part

2020 is the year of LED lights ,finally the technology is ‘being ‘ perfected and the price is becoming more realistic -Mars Hydro changes its ranges as often as its underpants ,but as of Sept 2020 this is their light to ( finally ) replace your standard 600w with better results

The End product will be better and you will save money over time

We are the only UK seller who have a direct Trade Account ( they sell themselves online,frustratingly )

We are the ‘GO TO ‘ distributor of Mars LED Lights in the UK




The Techy Part –

  • Power Draw: 450W ±10%
  • Max Coverage:5 x 5 ft= 152cm x 152cm
  • Core Coverage:4 x 4 ft= 122cm x 122cm
  • Product Size:64 x 58 x 7 cm
  • PPFD:1274 umol/m²s
  • LED:1016pcs, new SMD tech
  • Cord Length: 6ft=2m
  • Input Voltage:100V-277V(AC)
  • Lumen :74499 lumen±5%
  • Amp Draw: 2.02A/220v
  • Net Weight:5.12 KG
  • Gross Weight:7.8 KG
  • Max Yield: 2.0g/watt
  • Replace HPS/HID: 600W
  • Noise Level: 0 DB
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