Mildew Plant Protection Spray 500ml Spray and Grow


First line of attack against Powdery Mildew



Spray & Grow – Mildew Protection Spray

Mildew Protection Spray is a natural way to fight fungus like mildew. A combination of various plant extracts, silicon and spore elements protect your plants against fungi. This foliar fertilzer also helps your plants recover from pests quicker. Spraying this foliar spray keeps your plants healthy, green and pest free, allowing for better growth and bloom.

  • Great to use as a preventative measure
  • Keeps plants healthy, green and pest free
  • NPK 0-0-4


1 x 500ml of  Spray & Grow Mildew Protection Spray Concentrate (makes 10 liters of spray liquid for upto a 20m² area)

How Spray & Grow Mildew Protection Spray Works:

Due to its proprietary formula, Mildew Protection Spray contains several natural plant extracts that in combination provide incredibly effective protection against various kinds of funghi. This spray also contains a foliar nutrient that will ensure that your plants get an additional boost to help recovery if a fungal infection does occur.

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