Mills Basis A/B Base Organo Mineral Feed 5L


Mills Basis is your staple base nutrient, designed to optimize nutritional absorption throughout your plants growth cycle. Effective across a wide pH range, this highly concentrated feed is administered in two parts – A and B – and will result in bumper harvests with no detriment to your plant’s natural aromas and flavours.

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Mills – Basis A&B is a two-part nutrient made to improve nutrient absorption during your plants’ development. The formula is provided in two parts designed to boost plants’ natural flavours and aromas. The product comprises essential ingredients, which ensure high harvest yields and tastier fruits. What’s best, Basis promotes and stimulates the synthesis of protein and improves the photosynthesis process.


General information

  • Growers use Mills – Basis A&B throughout the plants’ entire growth cycle;
  • It’s suitable for use in hydroponic growing systems, run-to-waste hydroponics, and organic soil;
  • Basis is a 2-parts nutrient comprising top-quality micro and macronutrients to strengthen your plants and ensure high yield harvests;
  • It’s used throughout the entire development cycle to provide your plants with the boost they need.



  • Mills Basis A&B optimizes nutrient absorption;
  • Stimulates photosynthesis;
  • Improves water and nutrient transportation;
  • Strengthens plants’ immune system;
  • Enhances fruits’ taste and flavour.


The Science

Mills Basis is a two-part nutrient used throughout the entire development and blooming cycle. The product is made to improve the quality of your crops and increase the harvest yield. Basis is designed to harden the water, which you use for feed. Soft water has low quantities of minerals and a low pH. And Basis A&B adjusts and neutralizes the pH, adding in essential minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium. These minerals support plants’ growth and support nutrient absorption.

Basis A comprises high amounts of Ca (Calcium 4%) and Fe (Red Iron). They help plants absorb a wider pH range. Basis B comprises high amounts of Mg (Magnesium 1%) and Molybdenum.

The product contains top-quality organic and inorganic fertilizers, which help your plants absorb macro and micro-nutrients faster. This way, you’ll achieve better and higher crop yields without losing any flavours. Also, Basis stimulates photosynthesis and improves cell growth and division.


How to Use

Basis is a user-friendly product and it’s suitable for all growing systems. Growers use the same amounts of part A and B at a rate of 1 ml/L and 3.5ml/L to achieve the required nutrient concentration.


Best Practices

When you use Basis A + B nutrients, don’t mix them into your water reservoir together. Mix individual parts into the water. First, add part A into the water and mix thoroughly. Afterward, mix in part B.

In case you’re growing in clay pebbles, Rockwool, coco or any other hydroponic growing system, maintain the pH level between 5.6 and 6.2. Keep the pH towards the lower end of the scale when you mix the nutrients into the water tank. The pH will increase over time.

If you’re growing plants in organic soil, you shouldn’t adjust the pH. But if you want to adjust it, maintain it between 6 and 7. The pH will rise naturally over time.

Store Basis A + B in a dark and cool area. Keep it away from extreme temperatures and out of the reach of children.

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