Moonshine 1L


It’s a natural product that boosts growth and vigour in practically every area of the plant. With this organic booster expect to see stronger root systems, quicker flowering times, bigger fruits, better aromas and plants with an increased resistance to stress!



How Hydroponic Moonshine helps to increase plant growth:

Moonshine is an all-round tonic that boosts your crop in multiple areas by harnessing the raw power of natural plant extracts. Add it to your routine and you can expect to see faster, stronger growth from the root zone up. Use along with Moonshine Foliar Spray for an even greater effect. Moonshine is used right the way through the grow and bloom phases, but the effects are most obvious during late flower. Moonshine can shave time off the flowering cycle, for a quicker turnaround (and a more productive garden overall). It will enhance aromas by boosting terpene production, and will also increase the size and density of fruits – thanks to the inclusion of an array of sugars and amino acids.

What ingredients are used in Hydroponic Moonshine?

Cedar oil, cinnamon oil, citronella oil, corn oil, dextonic acid, diammonium salts, ethyl lactate, extracts of garlic, geranium oil, gluconic acid, jojoba oil, karanja oil, lemongrass oil, lily extract, mint oil, organic alcohol, peppermint oil, phosphate salts, pine chemicals (tall oil fatty acids), processed extracts of sugar cane, processed kelp extract, sapodilla, sodium coco poly glucoside citrate, soya (glycerides) and soybean oil (methyl ester)

How to use Hydroponic Moonshine effectively:

Moonshine can be used alongside your regular feeding routine in any growing medium and with any grow system. It has no effect on EC levels and is pH stable. Apply at a rate of 1ml per litre of nutrient solution.

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