Non Return Valve 16mm


  • Helps prevent build ups and blockages
  • Prevents back flow of Nutrient Solution
  • Keeps your Irrigation System flowing the right way


Good irrigation is at the root of all successful garden growing; so you need to get it right to ensure your Plants are raised, nurtured and encouraged to grow to their full potential.

When you set up an Irrigation System with Drip Lines you should think through the equipment options available to you. You can set up drip lines and use C stakes to set them in place, and install a range of manifolds to which you can connect a number of lines, letting water and nutrients pass through several drip lines.

What you don’t need along your irrigation pipe is a back flow of nutrient solution! Fortunately, the Non Return Valve can prevent this.

The Non Return Valve is an important part of your irrigation system because you need the nutrients and water to go to your plants rather than being wasted.

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