Plug and Grow APEX 13A Inductive Load Heavy Duty Plug in Timer


  • The only timer that can control 13A of ALL lighting types ,Led Hps Metal Halide & Fluorescent
  • Simply use with a Good quality 13A extension lead ( If timing more than one Light ) ,check the rating plate of your Lighting ,then Plug and Grow
  • Will switch 4 x 600w Ballasts so no expensive dangerous contactor timers required. It is rated at 13A Inductive load internally
  • The world’s first 13A Plug in Timer with a 13A inductive load


The only Plug in Timer for Lighting you’ll ever Need

Plug and Grow

led Timer

Its THE timer to grow

Plug and Grow Apex timer 13A Inductive

This is the Plug and Grow ‘Apex 13A Inductive load Plug in Timer.

A standard Plug in timer cannot cope with the inrush/surge from lighting with inductive loads

You will see on the rating plates of standard timers something like this on the rating plate -13 (2)A

The example above showing the inductive load of 2A Only

(The load of a standard 600w ballast is 3.15a )

The Plug and Grow Apex timer is 13 (13)A

It will switch a 13A Inductive load

No contactor required anymore !

13A of ALL Lighting types

The Plug and Grow Apex timer Will run 13A of All lighting types -High Pressure Sodium , Metal Halide , Fluorescent or LED

As an example a 600w ballast runs at 3.15 A

So this timer can run 4 x 600w ballasts

(Obviously you need to use a good quality extension lead in this specific example )

So you will NOT need a contactor timer any more !

Two Plug and Grow Apex Timers in each side of a standard twin socket , each with 4 gang extension leads can switch 4 x 600w Ballasted grow lights in each

Its THE timer to Grow

This timer is also suitable for all LED lighting on the market -LED is not strictly an Inductive load ,but there is a surge on Power Up and finding a suitable timer was problematic

Not anymore ! -The Plug and Grow Apex timer is your answer

For the first time -you can now ,with confidence , and without a contactor , time 13A of ANY type of lighting

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