Spider Mite Plant Protection Spray 500ml Spray and Grow


A Popular choice amongst our customers against the dreaded Spider Mite



Spider Mite Protection Spray Concentrate is an all-natural treatment to combat spider mites.  A blend of various plant extracts like garlic extract (that spider mites detest) keeps them away while simultaneously helping your plants to recover from the damage that they cause. When diluted and used as a foliar spray, your plants will be greener, healthier and spider mite free.

  • Offers a highly effective, non-chemical and non-biological method of spider mite control
  • Contains only natural plant derived compounds such as garlic extract
  • Especially repels spider mites
  • Helps plants to recover from spider mite damage
  • Concentrated – one 500ml bottle makes 10 litres of foliar spray
  • Helps make plants greener, healthier, and pest freeIf you already have an infestation, use Spray & Grow every 3-5 days for about 2 weeks (3-4 applications). This rids your plants of spider mites as they emerge from their eggs, combating re-infestation.To make the foliar spray, add 50ml of Spray & Grow to each litre of water and mix well. Use a fine spray and wet the tops and especially the undersides of all the leaves and plant parts. Only apply foliar sprays under low level light. Spraying under intense light conditions, such as an HPS, may cause burning. Always allow the foliar spray to dry before turning your main grow light back on.
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