Spotless ( Spray Safe ) Spider Mite Spray concentrate





20ml Spotless is a 100% organic spidermite eliminator which kills mites, aphids and eggs on contact.

20ml Spotless can be used right up til the last week of flowering. Spotless was formerly known as spray safe but has been recently rebranded and now comes as a concentrate.

Spotless kills mites quicker than conventional sprays and is more effective than other organic sprays. Spotless is also very effective for controlling aphids. Examine your plants twice a week and if you have any suspicion what so ever that you may have spider mites then act immediately.

20ml Spotless usage:

20ml Spotless comes undiluted so using a suitable spray bottle mix 20ml per 1 litre of water and thoroughly coat all your plant surfaces. Only spray 20ml Spotless when your lights are off. Repeat the spraying process every 5-10 days.

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