Superthrive 480ml


Superthrive – the Essential Vitamin Solution. Secure your transplants, revive stressed plants and produce abundant yields with Superthrive. Our unique, non-toxic vitamin solution encourages the natural building blocks that plants make for themselves when under the best conditions, fortifying growth from the inside out. Generations of home gardeners and professionals trust our timeless, proprietary formula.




The world famous vitamin-hormone liquid concentrate. Can be used at any stage of plant growth as a root feed or foliar spray. It is best suited for stressed or suffering plants or when transplanting on and will greatly aid in their recovery. We actually recommend to add this product to any feeding schedule, regardless of what stage of growth it is as it will ensure your plants remain healthy at all times and help to push their growth potential to new limits! Super concentrated at a dilution ratio of 1 drop or 1 ml per 4 litres depending on usage!

Suitable for:

All growing mediums and systems.

When to use:

All stages of growth

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