Tanlin Fungus Gnat Concentrate 20ml


Use directly in your tank to combat fungus gnats



Fungus gnats, also known as Sciarid Fly, are one of the most devastating pest to any indoor grow. Inconspicuous at first, you’ll first notice gnats in your grow space and on the growing media and then a decline in plant health. They can be tricky to spot as they live among the plants roots.

Shake well before use. As a preventative, add to regular feed once a week at 1ml (40 drops) per 100ltrs. For more intensive use, treat every three days using the following methods:

Each Fungus Gnat female lays 200 eggs in warm conditions. The eggs hatch out into larvae which immediately start eating the plant’s roots. The larvae, although small, are eating machines. They munch their way through the root system quicker than the plant can grow new roots. This causes damage and hurts the plant’s ability to take up water and nutrients. The plant is also more susceptible to plant to infection to root diseases.

In short, they can totally wreck the plant’s root system without you being aware of what’s going on among the roots. When the plant’s root system is wrecked, so is your crop. The maggots will become adults in two weeks and lay their own batch of 200 eggs per female.

CX Horticulture Tanlin is a biological control for Fungus Gnats. It is a microscopic crystal which, when eaten by the Sciarid Fly maggots, swells up in its gut, perforates the gut wall and kills the maggot. Even though you use Tanlin, you may still see an occasional Fungus Gnat, don’t be alarmed. The Tanlin will be working. Remember that the maggots must first eat the Tanlin for it to be effective.

Use immediately and repeat the dosage every 10 days until you are confident the growing cycle has been halted.

Do what the label says (and what commercial growers do) and use Tanlin as a preventative. That’s when it is most effective.

Tanlin Dosage:

Soil. 2 drops per 4 litres of clean water – Drench the growing medium

Hydro. 1ml per 100 litres of clean water

Maintenance/Prevention: 1ml (40 drops) per 100 litres of clean water.

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