Thrip Plant Protection Spray 500ml Spray and Grow


The ‘Go To ‘ product to combat Thrips



The Spray & Grow Thrips Protection Spray reduces thrip infestations dramatically during all stages of growth. Using this spray will ensure healthy, green plants and will improve the growth and bloom of your plants too.

Furthermore, with the addition of this foliar solution and its combination of thrip fighting ingredients ensures plants get that additional boost to recover quickly from infestations.

Who Can Use Spray & Grow Thrips Protection Spray?

This is an extremely easy to use solution, perfect for both beginners and commercial growers to minimise the detrimental effects of thrip infestations. 500ml of this concentrated mixture makes 10 litres of spray liquid.

Specifications & Guidance

  • For use on plants throughout the entire growth cycle
  • When using, always wear suitable PPE
  • Shake bottle before use
  • Available in 500ml sized bottles.
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