Volkanix Perlite


What is Volkanix Perlite?

Volcanic glass is heated and expanded to form these clean, sterile, odourless and non-toxic granules.

Volkanix Perlite is specifically made for Horticulture. It will never rot or degrade and can be recycled and used again and again

It is PH Neutral, and ready to use

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Why use Volkanix Perlite?


Perlite acts as a natural filtration system, allowing excess water to easily drain away while retaining a little moisture and holding the nutrients the plants need to grow.

This makes it perfect for Cacti and Succulents and any plants that need their soil / compost to dry out between watering


Good aeration is essential to give your plant’s roots breathing space. The airgaps that are created by the perlite is a perfect home for all the worms, beneficial nematodes, and other good natural garden inhabitants. Because it’s a mineral glass and thus harder than the soil around it, it also helps to slow down compaction, and keeps your soil fluffy and lightweight.

How to use Volkanix Perlite

To avoid inhaling any dust, dampen with water before using it. If using a whole bag of perlite in one go, pour a couple of litres of water into the bag, seal the top and shake it, then let it soak for quarter of an hour before using.

Sowing seeds / Propagation

Mix perlite into seed and cuttings compost at a ratio of 50:50 to create a moist environment perfect for delicate seedling roots. A fine layer of perlite is also excellent for covering seed that needs light to germinate because the perlite lets light through whilst still keeping the seed moist and aiding germination.

Aerating your Soil / Compost

Succulents and other plants sensitive to moist soil benefit from having perlite added to the potting compost. The perlite will trap air in the compost and encourage water to drain through, ensuring the plant’s roots will never sit in damp soil. Mix perlite with compost at a ratio of around 1:4. Do this before planting to ensure an even mix.

Organic Gardeners

Perlite is your best friend allowing plenty of room to let your soil really ‘live ‘-it is a perfect partner for the Wormganix range of Worm castings / vermicompost

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