Volkanix Vermiculite 100L Bag


What is Volkanix Vermiculite?

Volkanix Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral which has been heated to high temperatures to produce lightweight, golden and absorbent flakes.

The size of the flakes are between 2-6mm which is the preferred grade for horticulture, it is PH Neutral and ready to use.

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Why use Volkanix Vermiculite ?

Vermiculite can absorb four times its weight in water and attracts plant nutrients such as potassium, magnesium and calcium. These qualities make it useful for propagation and potting up plants that thrive best in moist compost.

Vermiculite helps to aerate soil while simultaneously retaining water and nutrients, which it then releases over time. Vermiculite is therefore useful in seed sowing and propagation. It can also be added to house plant compost.

Mixing Vermiculite into your soil will mean you will spend less time watering your plants.

How to use Volkanix Vermiculite

Seed sowing

Seeds of all sizes can be sown directly into 100 % Vermiculite. Alternatively you can use a 50:50 mix of Vermiculite and seed sowing compost. Vermiculite is also ideal as a top dressing for seed sowing.

Covering a seed tray with vermiculite helps to keep the compost moist and also helps to discourage the fungus that causes damping off. It also helps to insulate against temperature and humidity changes in your greenhouse.

Pricking out and cuttings

A mixture that contains around 30% Vermiculite is ideal for pricking out and potting on seedlings. It’s also a good mixture for cuttings.

House plants

As Vermiculite holds water it’s great for adding to the compost of house plants that always seem to need watering. The plant roots can then take up moisture when they need it. As Vermiculite takes a long time to dry out, you’ll need to water less. Vermiculite also aerates the compost which helps to stop it compacting or crusting over. A 50:50 mix of house plant compost and vermiculite is ideal.

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